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Why are pure oils great for skin?

When someone hears the idea of using pure oils for skin care, he/she might get skeptic and find this type of treatment not suitable at all. Because most consider oils being too greasy, so they associate them with skin problems, shiny skin effect, pimples or blackheads as an effect of pores being clogged.

The truth is that natural plant oils are not harmful at all. Better yet, they can help us protect, hydrate and keep the skin looking young and plump like anything else. Yes, it is a fact, and we will tell you why and how it works, and which kind of plant oils you can use to keep your skin looking beautiful.

If you know your skin is oily and you won't be able to use treatments like this, think again. You can adjust the quantity of oil that you use for your skin by adding hydrosol (floral water) at application.

Why pure oils are great for skin?
First, we have to think about the fact that our skin already has its natural oils, meant to act as a protective barrier against all external factors that might harm our skin. The natural oils of the skin are the ones that keep our skin so plump when we are young. But with age, due to usage of soaps or other unhealthy cosmetics the skin may start looking fade. Pollution, dust, lack of vitamins in our diet and many more factors will make the skin frailer, dehydrated and eventually wrinkled.

So what we can do is to help this natural oil border to be renewed, by using harmless natural oils extracted from plants. By doing this treatment, your skin will enjoy the nutrients given by the oils and still be protected by its outer layer.

Another aspect you might want to know about is that any cosmetic cream or lotion on the market contains a small dose of oils and in most cases these are a paraffin derivate, which is not healthy for your skin at all. We can also add here preservatives and a large quantity of water (up to 70%).

So in the end not only that you do not get the nutrition you need for your skin, but you risk developing skin problems because of the toxic chemicals contained by these products. You also must know that products with high content of water will not be able to penetrate the layer of natural oils of the skin. Thus, your skin will never receive the nutrients it needs for cell renewal processes.

In these cases, ensure you use only top quality products, and your skin gets the nutrition and treatment it deserves, by replacing your traditional cosmetics with natural oils. Almond, camelina, camellia and jojoba oils, these are all great oils extracted from plants having zero risks of clogging your pores. The oils can be mix with a little water or hydrosol/ floral water at time of application for a better spread and absorption, and to eliminate the oiliness feeling.

You can make this blend more concentrated, meaning to contain more oil, in the winter time when the skin needs to be much more protected. Or you can choose to do it more lightly, with more hydrosol, for the summer period. Some of Holiskin toners contain 100% pure hydrosols that are perfect for you when you need to adjust the greasy feeling. Either way, the results will be amazing.

At Holiskin, we have done the hard work for you. Our plant oils are produced through cold pressed processes without using any solvent (hexane free). They are mostly unrefined, unbleached and have not been deodorized to retain their beneficial nutrients (organic where possible).

Our products are formulated without harsh chemicals/ preservatives, synthetic fragrances/ colors or petrochemicals so you don't have to sacrifice your health for beauty. We only sell products that we have put and tested on our skin.