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About Joshua

We all have asked ourselves the same question at some point in our lives: “What am I going to do with my life?”

When I studied Industrial Engineering ages ago, I never saw myself working in a big company or for someone else; I always thought that I had an entrepreneur gene in me waiting to be embraced.

Joshua - Founder of Holiskin

I used to play a multiplayer online game: Everquest 2. I chose a healer class (a druid) and fell in love with it, even becoming famous among other players for my healing abilities. Druid's healing power comes from nature. I wished that Everquest 2 would become my reality; I played the game for about six years to avoid my real-life problems.

One day, my friend gave me a book written by Louise Hay entitled You Can Heal Your Life, but I didn’t read it until I hit rock bottom several months later. Before I could continue with my life, I realized, I needed to heal myself emotionally. Reading the book completely changed my life; it changed the way I think, my beliefs, and my perspective on the world.

Simultaneously, I learned more about supplements during my time working for a company selling dietary supplements. I thought that if I could become a healer in real life, then I wouldn’t need to shy away from the world through computer games anymore. That thought sounded silly, because all you had to do to be a healer in the game was press buttons at the right time and it wouldn’t be that easy in real life. I pushed that thought away and pushed on to better my future.

I kept learning more about supplements, nutrition, healthy foods, and paleo diet, and a lot of my friends turned to me for advice about supplements they should take to better their health. After a few years of working for that supplement company, I switched to a job where I worked for a handmade skincare company.

This is where I learned about essential oils and skin care formulations, and this is where I fell in love with aromatherapy. When I heard about aromatherapy for the first time, I thought it was a weak form of therapy through aromas. The truth is, aroma is just a small part of aromatherapy. Most of its applications are through the skin (human's largest organ), because the skin can absorb up to 70% of what we put on it (in a rare case, it can be 100%), thus it is indeed a powerful therapy.

I started reading more aromatherapy books written by well-respected aromatherapy experts in the world, and took courses on creating natural and organic skin care products. My background in industrial engineering and nutrition helps a lot. I spent much of my time experimenting with essential oils and creating and testing formulas for my friends and myself. They all loved my products and encouraged me to keep going.

My first facial oil that I designed for myself had better results than the vitamin C facial cream that I had used for years. My skin became softer beyond belief and I could see a new and improved, luminous layer of skin. I also created body oil, which made my skin healthier and glowing; these results are what encouraged me to formulate more skincare products and share them with you.