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About Holiskin

If health and beauty could have a baby, that would be Holiskin. Why we are different?

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

Happy thoughts are the original Fountain of Youth - Holiskin

Beautiful skin relies on a healthy, well balanced, and nutritionally nourished body and mind. What we eat and the thoughts we think everyday affect our skin’s health; this is why it’s important to have a healthy diet and to maintain healthy beliefs and thoughts.

We use the finest essential oils that work simultaneously on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, connecting the mind, emotions, body, and spirit to influence all aspect of well-being. 

Back to Basics: Less is More

We remove the synthetics, preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, and fillers from creams/ lotions and give you the main essential ingredients: pure botanical oils and water. We’re sure that you have access to water so you don't need to buy the extra water included in conventional lotions/ creams. That's why we provide water in forms of hydrosols and apple cider vinegar, as they have more beneficial properties than regular water.

Back to Basics - Holiskin
We believe in the principle that less is more. We don't need to put 29 or more active ingredients in a bottle and just throw every spice and herb we have in the kitchen in our formula to look like experts.

Unique Formulas & High Performance Ingredients

Joshua formulated all of the products, from beginning to end, with countless testing and experiments. He loves working with raw ingredients and creating something unique and powerful.

Joshua also handcrafts the products in small batches to ensure that every batch meets his high standard of quality. More about Joshua...

Handcrafted with high performance ingredients - Holiskin

We don’t use any premade bases or fillers. We don't buy our ingredients from big retail stores, either, as we don't know how long the oils have been sitting on the display shelves.

All of the ingredients that we use in our products have been researched by scientists all over the world and are known for their benefits to the skin. Some ingredients (e.g. Frankincense, Lavender, Chamomile, Helichrysum) have been used since prehistoric times in skincare regiments. 

All Natural, Pure Skincare

The words “natural” and “organic” are not regulated in the cosmetic industry in the United States. Everyone has a different interpretation of what “natural” or “organic” actually means. Even a cosmetic with a USDA Organic sticker doesn't necessarily mean 100% organic; it means that at least 95% of the ingredients used are organic, while the remaining 5% could be from all natural (synthetic) fragrances or preservatives.
Some scientists believe that naturally derived ingredients are also natural.

All Natural Pure Skincare - Holiskin

Our definition of “all natural” is as close to nature as possible without sacrificing the beneficial nutrients. This is why we don't use any ingredients that have been highly processed. We also don't use oils that have been extracted using harsh solvents such as hexane; we try hard to use mostly cold pressed, unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorized oils for the highest nutrients and higher potency.

The term “wild crafted” means that it was harvested from a remote area. Every effort is made to ensure that these harvests are legal and ethical, including any plants listed as endangered species, such as Sandalwood and Rosewood.

We Love Supporting Small Businesses

All of our ingredients are either certified organic, Fair Trade, wild crafted or sourced from other small businesses. Our essential oils are purchased from a few small companies that remain small so they can focus on finding the highest quality essential oils from small, family farms all over the world.

Most of them cannot support organic certification; however, they grow their products without pesticides or inorganic fertilizers. We want to make sure that every time you purchase from us, you also support other small businesses all along our supply chain.

We love supporting small business owners - Holiskin